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This listing is for PRE-ORDER only. Meaning you pick the base and quantity and its then dyed for you. Orders placed from this listing will take 1-2 weeks to process. 

We have to soak the yarn, dye the yarn, rinse the yarn, dry the yarn and then skein it up all pretty like and ship it to you ; )

All photos of the yarn are taken in natural light with no filters applied. We try our very best to display them so you are able to see their true colors and texture. Please note that colors may vary slightly from screen to screen. 


Crybaby has a lovely periwinkle base with generous amounts of fluorescent yellow, neon pink and neon purple speckles. This color way is definitely for the neon lovers. 

Care instructions:

It is highly recommended that you gently hand wash your knits with wool wash in cold water and lay flat to dry for longevity.

Here are all the bases to choose from:

Superbulky: 80/20 - SWM/Nylon - 1 ply - 76yds/100grams

Big bulky: 100% SWM - 3 ply - 106yds/100grams

Wicked worsted- 100% SWM - 4 ply - 218yds/100grams

Squish aran- 100% SWM -  3ply - 181yds/100grams

Plump DK - 100% SWM - 4 ply - 231yds/100grams

Strong DK - 75/25 - 4 ply - 245yds/100grams

Classic sock- 75/25 - 4 ply - 463yds/100grams

Plump sock- 100% SWM - 4 ply - 438yds/100grams

Single sock- 100% SWM - 1 ply - 400yds/100grams

Suri silk- 74/26 - Baby alpaca/Silk - 1 ply - 328yds/50grams

Mohair- 72/28 - Mohair/Silk - 1 ply - 459yds/100grams